Humane Pet Euthanasia

Humane Euthanasia And Pet Cremation

All of us at Foothills Veterinary Hospital, LLC know how important your pet is to you and your family. Whether your pet has experienced a long-term illness or recent trauma, we are here to help you sort through the various medical options best suited for your family and your pet. We can also help you make the decision to provide your companion with a peaceful and dignified end of life.

When a pet’s quality of life is in question, knowing when it is the correct time for euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions facing a pet owner. The decision to euthanize your pet is an act of love, friendship and selflessness – a gift you give to your loyal companion. Please know that we will stand beside you as you make this decision, answering all of your questions, discussing quality of life issues, and offering guidance so you may make the right decision for your pet and your family.

When it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet, together with you we will lovingly ensure that your pet’s final journey is gentle, peaceful and compassionate. You will be given a comfortable, private room where you, family members, and your pet may spend as much time together as you wish. We provide detailed information to you about the process of euthanasia so you will understand the process and will be prepared.

You and members of your family may choose to be present during the euthanasia. After your pet has passed away, you may stay with your pet for as long as you choose. Or if you decide not to be present during the euthanasia, rest assured we will respect and support your decision and treat your pet as we would our own.

We will coordinate cremation for you in accordance with your wishes. It is important to us to walk the final journey with you and your pet and be there for you in every way possible.

We offer Wellness Plans meant to keep your pets' health in tip-top shape!

Pet Loss And Grieving

The death of your companion animal may be one of the most significant losses of your life. With this profound loss comes grief and its associated emotional and physical manifestations: sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety, helplessness, crying, fatigue, or changes in appetite and sleep patterns. It is important to know that these feelings are normal, and that grieving is a necessary part of the healing process.

Grieving is the natural way that your mind and body adjust to a loss and heal your emotional wounds. We strongly encourage you to allow yourself to grieve in a way that gives you the most comfort. Allowing yourself to feel the sadness, anger, anguish, and loss will aid the healing process. Conversely, repressing your feelings may actually prolong your sadness and the time for recovery. During this time you may need the emotional support of family, friends, your veterinarian, and perhaps a grief counselor.

The amount of time required to heal varies considerably, ranging from days to years. Although you may feel that you have finished grieving, feelings of sadness may re-emerge with a holiday, your pet’s birthday, or the anniversary of your pet’s death. For this reason, some experts suggest that you give yourself, at a minimum, one year to grieve.

The loss of a pet can be especially hard on children and may often be trivialized or overlooked. The ASPCA’s website has advice and resources on how to help children cope with loss of a beloved pet.

Housecall Euthanasia

If you decide you would like to say goodbye to your pet in the privacy of your home, please call our office to make arrangements 406-556-0604.

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