Pet Surgery

At Foothills Veterinary Hospital, we understand that whether for routine or emergency procedures, leaving your pet for surgery can be stressful and unnerving for both you and your companion. That’s why you can rely on us to provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art, compassionate care throughout your pet’s entire stay at our hospital. We will answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Pre-Surgical Exam

All surgery patients will have a pre-anesthetic examination by the surgeon. The surgeon will ensure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo the planned surgical procedure on the day scheduled by doing a head-to- toe physical examination as well as necessary bloodwork.  Every surgical patient will have an intravenous (IV) catheter placed. The purpose of the IV catheter is to have an easy access to the blood stream for any IV fluids, or emergency medications that may be needed. Intravenous fluids help maintain blood pressure during anesthesia, and are provided for all patients undergoing anesthesia.

We offer Wellness Plans meant to keep your pets' health in tip-top shape!

During Surgery

During surgery, we have a highly trained staff member devoted to monitoring your pet’s vitals. Their main priority is evaluating your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, respiratory functions, body temperature, and maintaining proper oxygen levels for your pet. Special heating blankets maintain your pet’s body temperature during surgery and recovery. Communication is also an important part of the surgery process, and our staff will keep you fully informed about your pet’s surgery, progress, and recovery.

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We’re committed to providing quality pet care that sets the standard for veterinary hospitals. And our service begins the minute you schedule an appointment with us.

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Pain Management

Our hospital believes strongly that proper pain management is mandatory for all surgical patients. Our comprehensive pain management protocols include a variety of injectable and oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, and opioid pain relievers. All surgical estimates and procedures will include pain management. We are more than happy to walk you through every step and explain everything you need to know for post-surgery care at home.

Post-Surgical Care

Post surgical care varies with each procedure as well as each animal. At discharge, our staff will completely explain your pet’s post surgical home care, and send home a written treatment plan with all medications and care required.